Will Weisman is a leader who is passionate about people and ideas and is focused on bringing them together to help unlock great opportunities and positively impact the world.

Will is the Founder and Managing Director of KittyHawk Ventures. Previously Will served as an Executive Director at Singularity University, a think tank and educator founded by Peter Diamandis and Ray Kurzweil, to help individuals, businesses, and governments prepare for an accelerating technology driven future. Will spent seven years at Singularity, where he helped lead the organization and build and run the large summits around the world. Singularity is now a global benefit corp. with over 170 chapters in 159 countries, and 200k community members. Will continues to work with Singularity co-founder Peter Diamandis and help support A360.

Will brings his insights and extensive network to his efforts around KittyHawk and its portfolio. As a result KittyHawk leverages a very broad range of relationships to source, vet and support portfolio companies in the Singularity University ecosystem and beyond.

Will’s background leading, investing in, and advising technology and consumer product companies has enabled him to acquire a unique blend of investment, operational, and entrepreneurial experience. Prior to joining Singularity University, Will was a venture capitalist at Foundation Capital and Maveron and an operator at Intuit and World Wrapps. He has also started and built multiple early stage companies and understands the high highs and low lows that go along with entrepreneurship. Ask him about sleeping on a friends office couch for 9 months while trying to keep a business going; good times.

Among his most unusual accomplishments is that he created and popularized the wrap, yes, the burrito like thing, at a 30-unit restaurant chain he founded and sold called World Wrapps.

Will has an MBA from Stanford and a BA from the University of California at Santa Barbara. He regularly speaks around the world on exponential technology trends as well as venture investing and entrepreneurship. Will is an avid kiteboarder and ocean swimmer and resides in Santa Monica, CA.